Tamburins, we sells branding not only products

December 06, 2020 · 3 mins read

Launchibg Of Tamburins

Taburins is a cosmetic brand that pursues sensual art and aesthetics. Tamburins was launched as a brand that attempts emotional communication through content that reinterprets the beauty that the brand seeks in areas such as spaces, objects, paintings, and performances, out of the limited product line of cosmetics. As shown in our last posting, Tamburins is a Korean beauty brand growing with a lot of love from fans who prefer a conceptual image, starting with the concept of a cosmetic brand that aims for sensual art and beauty. Today we are going to look at Tamburin’s growth background and unique sales point.

Conceptual Brand

This brand aims for sensuous art and beauty and attracts more attention with the Garosugil showroom, which encompasses the space production know-how shown by Gentle Monsters and the fragrance that fills the space. The Garosugil Showroom, completed in collaboration with famous artists worldwide, captures the attention with unique objects while showing various performances. Until now, it is similar to the showroom archive led by Gentle Monsters, but Tamburin’s is strengthening its identity through the brand’s signature scent ‘000’. It deals with hand creams, solid perfumes, and perfumes, and recently expanded the category to hand sanitizer gels. This was noticed as a launch with the sanitizer market’s growth in mind to keep pace with the coronavirus.

Signature Branding

Consumers who have obtained information about the beauty brand “Tamburin’s” to some extent, come to mind the unique branding of Tamburins’ signature image. All of Tambourin’s products describe each product by numbers. For example, Tamburin’s ‘912’ package means the three main fragrance ingredients’ ratio. In the case of the 912 line product, the calming earthy scent and the sweet grassy scent of spearmint are added to relieve anxiety and clear the head, and the amber-based base leaves a stable and warm linger. In this way, Tamburin’s preemptively preempt the brand image differentiated from other brands by expressing each product’s features in numbers.

In this way, we looked at the brand Tamburins’ growth strategy in a total of two. As Tamburins’ is still in the red in 2020, it seems that the situation will come to a position where it will take a sigh only if it achieves excellent results in Sephora, a global H&B store, as it is exclusively supplied. Of course, like the parent brand Gentle Monster, if the worldwide response is hot, it would be natural for overseas expansion. Recently, it is focusing on entering duty-free stores and aiming for global growth.

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