Rom&nd Rising as Millenials Favorite

November 22, 2020 · 2 mins read

About Rom&nd

K-beauty brand <Rom&nd> was launched by Korea’s one of the most popular beauty creators’ Saerom Min(Gaeko)’ in 2016. The IFamily SC company recruited her as a brand executive position, so she was involved in the project from the very beginning.

Instead of choosing the path of accomplished beauty industries, Rom&ND decided to focus more on building consensus with consumers.

Saerom is one of the hottest beauty influencers in Korea who ranked first in Naver’s beauty blog category. She mainly posts makeup tutorials such as daily makeup or famous Korean celebrity makeups. The brand’s name also derived from her name ‘saeROM.’

Influencer Marketing

The power of influencers is increasing day by day, and the beauty industry is no exception.

In the past, most of the beauty brands just sponsored influencers and let them create branded content through their channel or invited them to offline launch events as their ambassadors. But now, the trend has shifted, and the ways to utilize influencers are diversifying.

Now, most of the brands send their new products before the launch to let influencers provide any advice or even cast them as the products’ models. As influencers’ role is expanding, some brands cast them as their brand executives to be closely involved in the manufacturing process. By this tactic, the company can obtain the influencer’s know-how and in-depth insights from their subscribers.

Another immense merit of using influencers as the brand’s face is the vast diversifier of a distribution channel. As the video commerce market is emerging every year, influencers’ roles and participation roles are being proportional. Rom&nd is an excellent example of the successful usage of influencer marketing strategy.

Collaboration Works

Since the main target of Rom&nd is mainly millennials and generation Z, they plan out many collaboration works.

Their recent NEON MOON project was also a great hit. ‘Neonmoon’is an accessory brand inspired by the ‘70-‘80s American retro mood, a solid millennial fan base. Rom&nd collaborated with Neonmoon and launched the ‘Romandtic Moon Night’ series.

The collaboration between the two shows a trend that blurs the line between the beauty and fashion markets. With the rise of social media usages such as youtube and Instagram, millennials access enormous data every day. Therefore, their consumption decision must take into account ‘value’ itself. So this project was planned such limited-edition collaboration works to provoke a desire to possess.

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