Rebirth of Skindfood

November 08, 2020 · 4 mins read

SKIN FOOD is a Korean cosmetic brand established in 2004 with the concept of ‘tasty cosmetics made with delicious food’.

Currently, Pearis is a subsidiary of Skin Food by changing its name to I-Pieris. Since 1957, stamped on the logo of Skin Food is the year of Pearis’ founding.

Establishment of skinfood

Skin Food has established itself as a new sensation for brand shops after a year of establishment.

On December 3rd, when the first store was established in Myeong-dong, the largest central commercial district in Korea, Skin Food, which was officially launched in the country, has emerged as a key force in brand shops that compete for the first and second in sales in major commercial districts across the country. It is running on a growth road.

Therefore, the interest of various cosmetics industry officials as well as brand shop leading companies, which are evaluated as having such a success background and related maturity, is focused. In particular, marketing specialty store distribution managers, which are experiencing a prolonged recession, are expressing high interest in skin food, and they have emerged as the number one store conversion and establishment as a low-cost brand shop.

Expention of Skinfood

Since Skin Food has already secured manufacturing facilities and product technology and distribution know-how for many years, it was possible to launch only with store concept, operation and management plans, and various interior and design work.

However, Skin Food consulted foreign brands such as L’Occitane, Aveda, and Body Shop in order to differentiate from similar price ranges, interior pursuit of cleanliness, and image of well-being and naturalism. ‘Tasty Cosmetics Made with’ was released.

‘The difference between skin food is that the concept of delicious cosmetics made from delicious foods such as sugar and honey, wine, milk, chocolate, rice, and beans, and the reasonable price made of reliable good ingredients, not unconditionally low price, is the explanation.

Problematic Points of skinfood

Although Skin Food is drawing a rapid growth curve as before, there are not a few challenges at hand. First of all, the biggest advantage and disadvantage is the franchise limitation principle.

Since the final goal of 150 stores is set, the sales growth curve will sharply slop after achieving this. Therefore, limiting the franchisees in the management goal of a company that must constantly pursue more and new profits is a limitation of growth. This is because there is a high concern that it will act.

In this regard, the head office of Skin Foods said,’After achieving the domestic target, we will increase profitability by expanding overseas stores’. Remains unknown.

Further More about skinfood

The second task is the low-growth phenomenon that has recently appeared in low-end brand shops. From last year to this year, low-cost cosmetics have been greatly welcomed by some consumers on the back of a contracted economy.

It is difficult to explain each brand shop on a uniform basis, but the analysis of cosmetics company officials is that the ultra-low price market has already changed from blue ocean to red ocean.

In addition, since each brand shop targets women in their teens and twenties as their main target, the market is limited, and it is not an easy task to provide continuous differentiation to young people who constantly seek new things.

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