Tiktok Skinfluencers, will they become the next big thing in Korea?

March 28, 2021 · 3 mins read

What is Skinfluencer?

While I was working on research about the beauty brand ‘OTZI’ (which I was going to publish a post about the brand), I came across the word SKINFLUENCER. The meaning of it was just obvious, but I wasn’t sure whether it was common words or just a recently made-up compound since I’ve never seen someone using the word skinfluencer in South Korea. But what I’ve found out was that ‘it’ was a thing.

On google, it says, “Skinfluencers are the new influencers. In short: they are obsessed with all things skin. They are the ones on your IG Stories talking animatedly about ingredients, sharing selfie videos on treatment tables, and showing off their gloriously glowing complexions in the grid.”

I then noticed that in recent articles, the term skinfluencer usually accompanies ‘Tiktok’ quite a lot.

Gen Z : Youtube VS TikTok

TikTok is a short-form video platform similar to VINE. Since Vine had closed its service in 2016, TikTok’s worldwide wave and its monetized success are certainly worth noticing. It is known that over 60% of TikTok users are Generation Z (who are born after 1996).

When TikTok first started its service, only 15-second videos were allowed, but now it has been alleviated to 60 seconds. It seems still restrictive, but this captivated Gen Z, who are digital natives.

Also, in the early days, TikTok content was mainly about dance, cover songs, and other memes, but now it covers beauty, cooking, fashion, etc. Just the same as what you can find on Youtube - but in snippets. What’s more interesting is that you only need a cell phone to shoot and create the whole content, unlike YouTube. Since content production has been simplified, we can check out many new faces we’ve never seen on YouTube before.

yayayayoung video

A lot of provocative content can indeed be found in those short-form content platforms, which is undoubtedly the crucial demerit of it. But as the platform flourishes, more and more in-depth content is coming out. And most of them we call ‘Skinfluencers.’ They create content that corrects the false information that went viral before, share their daily skincare routine and even their beauty hacks, etc.

Recently Instagram launched ‘Instagram Reels’, which is basically the same service just as TikTok. This circumstantial evidence proves that the users’ needs for short-form video will constantly emerge.

Best Beauty TikTok influencers in Korea

The easiest way for Beauty brands to approach the niche TikTok market is to collaborate with conventional TikTok influencers who already have ground followers. In particular, once TikTok content goes viral organically, it spreads instantly, just like Twitter, according to its creation system. Therefore, if your brand is interested in Tiktok Beauty Marketing in Korea, you may want to pay attention to the Influencers below.

루아(@luadoll) Followers 6.2M LuA

석다예(@daye1014) Followers 1.3M Daye

와블뷰티(@wable) Followers 300.1K WABLE

솔솔(@arnodemuffin) Followers 25.3K solsol

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