At-home Nail Kits market war fired in South Korea

April 25, 2021 · 3 mins read

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With the growth of the home care market due to Covid-19, the ‘At-Home Nail Kits’ market is now attracting huge attention in South Korea. In particular, it is estimated that Ohora, launched in 2018, grew rapidly and formed a market of about 200 billion won in 2020. Considering this growth rate, it is expected to generate sales of 300 billion won, which is about 50% growth within this year.



The rapid growth of Ohora spurs the competition in the Korean at-home nail kits market. Ohora, which is a somewhat latecomer in the Korean nail market, was launched in 2018. With their proprietary technology, ‘Semicure Gel Nail’, Ohra has grown into a brand loved by consumers at a rapid pace.

semicure gel nail

The ‘Semi-cure gel nail’ is a thick, voluminous gel nail sticker and then baked directly with a UV gel lamp to give the effect received at the actual nail shop. The fact that you can experience the same service at a price of 1/5 compared to the cost of more than the average of 60,000 KRW when visiting a nail shop was big merit for consumers. As a result, it has grown into a super rookie with a corporate value of 200 billion KRW in about two years.

Dashing Diva

dashing diva

Dashing Diva, a New York brand, entered Korea in 2015 and became the first trend leader in the nail strip market. As well as nail strips of various designs, ‘The magic press’, which anyone can easily attach and detach, has gained sensational popularity, accounting for 90% of the market share by 2018.

new muse Jenny

Recently, with the popularity of Ohora gel nails, they are responding by releasing the ‘Gel nail glaze’ series. And also, they recently cast Jenny as their new ambassador who is a globally loved muse for their rebranding image.

In the past, they were the term ‘Lipstick Effect’ saying that lipsticks sold better during the recession.

However, as a result of the Covid-19, many nail decorations are emerging as a means of expressing one’s individuality as people wear face masks every single day. In particular, in the case of Korea, it has met with home-economy and home-beauty flow and is showing a faster growth trend than anywhere else. Soon, as the nail beauty market size in Korea grows gradually, competition is expected to intensify more and more.

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