September 2020 K-Beauty Report

September 27, 2020 · 3 mins read

As COVID-19 Pandemic is considered for the long haul, it’s causing a mega shift in every market. On the 3rd of September, the mobile data research company Opensurvey has published ‘The 2020 Women’s Beauty Category Report’, analyzing in-depth research about the Coronavirus pandemic’s impacts.

The Change in the Skin Concerns after COVID-19: Bare Skin

Due to long hours of wearing a mask every day, significant concerns are now about bare-skin conditions.

Opensurvey Report 1

A Foundation-Free makeup routine nowadays trends. Usually, we apply our foundations all over the face, which would leave huge stains on the face masks. According to such problems, stain-free stay-in-place products are coming out. But it is inevitable for the foundation to leave a blot since skin temperature rises while wearing masks. Therefore many people are looking for ‘tone-up creams’ and ‘Sun Block Cushion Foundations’ for alternatives. Followed by the reasons above, the usage rate of Lipstick, Cushion Foundations, and Liquid Foundations are dropped to 56.7%, 40.9%, and 37.1% each compared to 2019.

AHC Report 1

On the other hand, the usage of facial cleanser, skin toner, and facial mask sheets has been raised to 45%. You can find a similar analysis on ‘The 2020 Korean Skincare Trend Report’ release by global K-beauty company AHC.

AHC Report 2 AHC Report 3

After the Corona Pandemic, trends in enhancing skin conditions such as skin protection and skin barrier care arose. The high awareness of hygiene leads to an increased interest of up to 86% in cleansing products. Also, 59.7% of respondents said they tried to wash their faces thoroughly compared to before the Corona era.

The Most Important Factors For Choosing A Product: Stability

Consumers are now aren’t just looking for just high functional products. They are now rather looking for customized products that are safe to use for their skin.

Opensurvey Report 2

Over 53.2% of respondents replied that “whether the product suits my skin type” was the most important factor they consider before choosing a skincare product. As we wear a face mask daily, it is easier to have sensitive skin due to the mask-zone rash.


Now we even have a new compound word, ‘Maskne, ‘ which is a mixture of ‘Mask’ and ‘Acne.’ The tendency among the preference towards hypoallergenic products seems valid.

Coronavirus might stay longer than we’ve expected. So we should keep on watching for the resulting shift in marketing trends very cautiously.

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